Hyper Launch is not just a training course, it's your launchpad into a career where you demand your CTC like a seasoned pro

Unlock your coding potential in a mere 25 weeks! Hyper Launch’s Full Stack Development course, guided by Profound Practitioners, empowers you to demand your worth right from the first interview

  • JavaScript Introduction
  • Continued JavaScript  Fundamentals
  • Advanced Javascripts and web concepts 
  • Deepening JS web interaction 
  • Basic HTML
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Advanced HTML & CSS
  • Data Structures and algorithms
  • Revision and mini projects
  • React Fundamentals
  • Advanced React Concepts
  • Introduction to Node.js and Express
  • Node.js with Databases
  • Full Stack Integration
  • Advanced Full Stack Development
  • Full Stack Project Development
  • Capstone Project

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