Become a Java Backend Developer

Industry Readiness Program

A 30 week program with 1 mini project, 1 backend development project and 1 capstone project

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    Java Backend Development Program

    Java Backend Development Proficiency: Master Java's art, including server-side programming, database management, and API development, to create robust, scalable, and secure backend systems for modern applications.

    Data Handling Expertise: Explore advanced data handling and manipulation techniques, ensuring efficient and effective data storage and retrieval.

    Version Control Proficiency: Learn to use version control tools to efficiently manage your Java projects, collaborate with teams, and track code changes.

    Security and Scalability Focus: Understand the critical aspects of security and scalability in Java backend development, ensuring your applications are both safe and capable of growth.

    Cloud Integration: Explore cloud platforms and their integration with Java-based applications, allowing you to leverage the power of cloud computing.

    Batch Starting

    Admissions starting soon


    Admissions starting soon


    30 weeks

    Course Structure

    Our Comprehensive curriculum will ensure you are equipped with all the skills needed to thrive as a Full Stack Developer.

    • JavaScript Introduction
    • Continued Javascript  Fundamentals
    • Advanced Javascripts and web concepts 
    • Deepening JS web interaction 
    • Basic HTML
    • Introduction to CSS
    • Advanced HTML & CSS
    • Data Structures & Algorithms
    • Revision and Mini Project
    • Introduction to Java
    • Intermediate Java Concepts
    •  Introduction to Spring Boot 
    •  Advanced Spring Boot Features
    • Spring Boot Microservices
    • Advanced Backend Topics
    • Backend Project Development
    • Capstone Project

    Eligibility to enroll in the course

    Fulfill the following requirements to be eligible for the course.



      Engineering students and graduates who have the passion to join the IT industry


      Coding Skills

      Basic level coding knowledge is required

    • Age

      Joiner’s age must be between 18 years to 28 years

    • ID

      You must have a valid PAN and Aadhar card

    • Hardware

      Own a laptop and a proper internet connection

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    To qualify for the Java Backend Developer programme, you need to be currently pursuing Engineering and be between 18 to 28 years of age. You must also have a valid PAN and Aadhar card, along with access to a laptop and a reliable internet connection.

    The program has a duration of 35 weeks.
    The admission process consists of six steps:
    • Fill the application form.
    • Go through basic on-boarding.
    • Attend an orientation session.
    • Collect the required documents.
    • Get allocated to a batch.
    • Collect your starter kit.
    The program covers Java Backend Development Proficiency, Data Handling Expertise, Version Control Proficiency, Security and Scalability Focus, and Cloud Integration. It also focuses on effective problem-solving skills.
    You can access live online classes at HyperLaunch, led by industry experts. Specific instructor details can be obtained by contacting the program administrators directly.