Front End Development Program

Front End Development - Full Time

Become a Front End developer with industry-demanding skills and get your dream job

Expansion in the digital world is at a very fast pace, and so is the competition to strive as the best at playing with technology. For many, it’s a tough row to hoe but with Hyper Launch Team acquiring the best of the techno skills to be a Full Stack Developer is the cakewalk.

Why Hyperlaunch ?

We are committed to helping you start your coding career and expertise in Front End Development to be capable of working in the sector.

Our course is exclusively designed to give you the depth knowledge of web development including front-end, middleware, and back-end technologies. Under this course, you will not only test and deploy code but will also learn to build an end-to-end application.

Key Features of Front End Developer Course

  • Live online classes increase engagement with industry experts to 10X
  • Tutors will introduce you to various front end development technologies
  • Sandboxed cloud labs for real-time application development
  • Under the course you will learn to build real applications
  • 100% hands on training to build your projects
  • Live sessions with industry experts paves path for career mentoring
  • Land your dream job after acquiring skills
  • Get hired by top-notch companies
  • Earn certification after course completion

Eligibility to enroll in the course

Fulfill the following requirements to be eligible for the course.

  • Qualification

    Working professionals dedicated to growing in the IT field and students who graduated from any educational background in 2022 can join.

  • Communication Skills

    Good reading, writing, and speaking skills in English

  • Age

    Joiner’s age must be between 18 years to 28 years

  • ID

    You must have a valid PAN and Aadhar card

  • Hardware

    Own a laptop and a proper internet connection

Know about your instructors

Hyper Launch’s tutors are an experienced individual with excellence at skills in the field of Full Stack Development.

What will you learn?

Week 1-3

Programming Basics in JavaScript, Developer tools and workflow, Introduction to Web, JavaScript on the browser, Data Structures, and Algorithms

Week 4-6

Modern Javascript, Basics of Unit Testing, Advanced CSS, Introduction to React and React Ecosystem, Data Structures, and Algorithms

Week 7-9

UI Libraries, Reusable Components, Routing, and Advanced APIs, Deployment, Unit Testing, and end-to-end testing, Redux, and Hooks, Data Structures and Algorithms

Week 10-12

Node.js and Express.js, Microservices, MongoDB, Data Structures and Algorithms

Week 13-15

System design basics, How do they scale? It, All about operating systems, Data Structures, and Algorithms

Skills you will have as a Front End Developer

  • Front-end Languages and Frameworks : HTML and CSS.
  • Backend Technologies and Frameworks : JavaScript and its environments like NodeJS and ExpressJS.
  • Database Management Systems.
  • Version Control.
  • Web Hosting Platforms.
  • Soft Skills.

Perks of Hyper Launch Course

Live online classes

Technology world is ever-changing and is ripe for new possibilities. Though, gaining the right knowledge, and keeping ourselves up-to-date is a wise move in the digital era. Live sessions with industry experts will help you with both.

Hands-on experience

We at HyperLaunch believe that knowledge with experience enhances the efficiency of the field and strengthens the concept. You gain hands-on experience to enhance your skill in order to get placed in your dream company.

Learn from the best

Capturing power and potential may differ student to student but our tutors and their excellent way of teaching will make your learning experience easier, joyful and smooth.

Get certified after course completion

With expanding technology, competition is also touching the sky. Well, certification gives you accountability, increases marketability, and earning power.