Fees & ISA

Time never stops for anyone and so technology is also evolving rapidly day by day. In many sectors, it is replacing the manpower and the reason being is people are not able to keep themselves up-to-date for various reasons. If we talk about potential among the Indians, it is evenly distributed but when it comes to opportunity, biased people exist and do unfair.

With a unique Income Sharing Agreement(ISA) we at Hyper Launch are democratizing education. With our new and unique fee-paying program you can enroll in the course of your choice at an INR 0 upfront fee.

This allows you to pay after the course completion, once you secure a job.

Income-Share Agreement (ISA)

ISA is a legal contract between you and Hyper Launch. There are no interest rates because it is not an education loan, so you only have to pay the actual course fees & you don’t require collateral.

How Does Our ISA Work?

Want to upgrade with the latest techno skills and looking for the best way to invest in your future then, Hyper Launch is the best place for you to start with the ISA option. We succeed only if you succeed. Take a look at how ISA works:

  • 5LPA (CTC)

    This allows you to pay after the course completion, once you secure a job. Geting placed within a year else no ISA

  • 1 Year

    Within 1 year after course completion, if you don’t get placed, you pay nothing for learning at Hyper Launch.

  • Enforcement

    In case, your employer’s business stops, you are not working for a considerable reason, or if your income resume only after you find a job , the ISA payments pause.*

Course Fees

These only take effect once you start earning.